Admit Yourself​/​Kill Yourself


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released April 25, 2015

Recorded/mixed/mastered by Charles Barth



all rights reserved



PV/Hardcore from Mesa, Arizona.

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Track Name: Admit Yourself
tell me you've got, all the time in
the world to rot, all the trials
you think you've got, all the while
I'll sing my song
what makes you think you have the right to think
you are stronger
you are smarter
you burn brighter
you will aspire
take a step back
take two steps back
put one foot in front of your mouth and bite down
all I can say is we can't save each other if we're all so focused on killing one another
all I know is we can't love another if we keep on letting human hearts take our minds over
love each other you fucks.
- dwreck
Track Name: Kill Yourself
write yourself a better story, better ending
one where everyone can love each other,
and everybody stays the same
I came here to put out a fire,
but I forgot to tell the rain,
all I wanted was to smile,
now I'm left with half a brain.
I guess I'll start with god and break bread
then I'll pretend that it was your intention to finish the race with a medal on your chest.
better story
better ending
ever soaring
never ending
break your own back, make your own man
- derrick amadeus mozart